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  • 1 Take a phone
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Where to use the QR code?

As the application of qr-codes can be called: the placement of their images on the Internet, the application on business cards, t-shirts, promotional signs and more.

What is a QR-code?

QR code "QR - Quick Response" is a two-dimensional barcode that provides information for quick recognition by the camera on your cell phone.

It is possible to encode any information by means of a QR code, for example: text, phone number, link to the site or a business card.

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A QR code is a unique barcode that can be used to encrypt any text message. Most often, it is used to quickly transfer a site link by scanning the code with a mobile phone camera. And our resource allows you to create a QR code online by encoding any text, link, phone number, business card into it.

What is a QR code?

QR code is a matrix code created by Masahiro Hara. Initially, the technology was used at a manufacturing auto concern for the rapid marking of products. But pretty quickly it became popular all over the world.

In theory, a QR code is an analogue of the well-known barcode. But QR has several significant advantages:

How to scan a QR code?

To scan a QR code, you need any modern phone. It is enough to open a special application for scanning (there are many free ones both in GooglePlay and AppStore), point the camera itself at the code and wait 1-2 seconds. The screen will immediately display the information encoded in the QR and will be prompted to open a link or save the phone number to the phone book.

In many smartphones, such a scanner is already integrated in the standard camera application (for example, in Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone).

How to create a QR code?

To use our QR code generator, you need:

The QR code can then be saved as an image.

Where to use the QR code?

The most common uses for them are:

And some authors even publish their stories and books exclusively in QR form to attract an additional audience!

Do QR codes have an expiration date?

No, they do not have an expiration date. Accordingly, our online QR code generation service provides unlimited barcodes. And this is absolutely free. There is no need to worry about copyright either: although QR codes are a patented technology, you do not need to obtain permission to use them.